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Watches are a very personal piece of jewelry. Some are given when you reach a milestone, such as graduate from college, get married, or hit a big anniversary. Others are passed down from generation to generation, as a piece of jewelry that not only tells time, but a family’s story as well.

But as a piece of functional jewelry, a watch is susceptible to malfunctions. Whether your treasured watch has stopped ticking to match true-time or has stopped working altogether, our team of watch repairmen at Treasures is here to help so you can enjoy this sentimental piece of jewelry for years to come.

The Top Reasons You May Need Treasure’s for Watch Repair

While there are a variety of reasons that a watch may stop working, “broken” watches usually fall into one of the following 4 categories:

1. Your Watch’s Battery Needs to Be Replaced

The most common reason a watch needs servicing or has altogether stopped working is that its battery needs to be replaced. And at Treasures, we help Lubbock customers with this fix all the time!

A general rule to follow is to have the battery in your watch replaced every 2 years. If you have a quartz watch, you can usually swap out the battery every 3 years. But one thing’s for certain – you don’t want to make this a DIY task.

Watches hold so much value – both monetarily and sentimentally – and an untrained person can accidentally do more harm than good when replacing a watch battery given all the jewelry’s intricate components. Our team at Treasure’s is specifically trained to replace watch batteries, so you can trust that your watch will be working properly and not sustain any accidental damage while the battery is being switched out.

2. Your Watch Has Sustained Water Damage

If your watch isn’t water-resistant, then water can be its kryptonite. While most people think of water-related accidents as being taking a shower with your watch on or accidentally dropping it in the bathtub, you’d be surprised what can cause water damage to your watch. In fact, an unexpected heavy rainstorm is strong enough to cause water damage to watches that aren’t water-resistant!

Water damage to your watch may include:

● Water appearing in the dial window attached to the watch case
● Water being present behind the watch case
● Water flooding the watch’s crown or pushers

If your watch has sustained water damage, the best thing you can do is come to
Treasures so our team can inspect it, remove parts that are damaged with water, and let the watch naturally dry out.

3. Your Watch Has Suffered Physical Damage

Given that most people wear their watches on their wrists every day, they’re susceptible to physical damage. Whether you’ve dropped it one too many times while taking it off or putting it on, have banged it in the doorway while walking through a door, or it was damaged while you were working out or playing a sport, we’ve seen it all.

Sometimes, physical damage can be easily repaired if there is just something loose on the inside of your watch. Only an inspection by our watch repairmen at Treasures will let you know for sure.

4. There’s a Manufacturing Issue with Your Watch

Do you know how states have lemon laws when it comes to new car purchases? That’s because, with manufactured products, you always run the risk of purchasing the one unit out of the lot that has a manufacturing defect.

If your watch doesn’t seem to be functioning properly but its battery is working, it hasn’t come into contact with water, and it hasn’t suffered any physical damage, it may have a manufacturing defect. At Treasures, we can help with this problem too.

Whether your warranty has expired or your watch is a family keepsake that’s been passed down for generations, we can help diagnose issues and, if possible, repair them too.

Areas We Serve

Based in Lubbock, Texas, we help customers with their watches in the following surrounding areas:

● Smyer, Texas
● Reese Center, Texas
● Shallow Water, Texas
● New Deal, Texas
● Idalou, Texas
● Roosevelt, Texas
● Buffalo Springs, Texas
● Posey, Texas
● Slaton, Texas
● Woodrow, Texas
● Slide, Texas
● Ropesville, Texas
● Wolfforth, Texas

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We know that as important as your watch is to you, it’s hard to hand it off to someone you barely know to be repaired. That’s why we encourage you to call our Lubbock shop to learn more about us, and how we care for and repair watches for our customers.

What you’ll learn is that our founder, Frank Shaikh, has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years. That a lot of time overseeing the repair of watches, and that’s a commitment to the jewelry industry that you can trust.

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